it’s not goodbye…it’s until next time

Hello everyone. You have probably noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a couple of months…well really since my vacation this summer. My life has become extremely busy the last few months and with that came a few unexpected surprises and bumps along the road. Unfortunately all of that has left me very little time and energy to write. And so with that my blog is going on a temporary hiatus. I am not saying that I am going to stop blogging all together, I am simply saying that at least for right now the posts may be very sporadic. I have to find a balance in my life…a way to juggle everything I have going on and still have some “me” time.

So with that, I leave you with this thought…

all or nothing

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Sleepless in Seattle

I had so much fun exploring Seattle and saw everything I had on my list. We went up the Space Needle and had incredible views of the skyline of Seattle. Pikes Place Market is amazing and I could have spent days in there. It’s huge and filled so with so many little shops and their farmer’s market was to die for. All of the produce looked and smelled amazing, the bouquets of flowers were full and vibrant and only $5! And the seafood market was fascinating. I have never seen fish, crabs and shrimp so big in my life! As an added bonus, I even got to witness them throwing and passing the fish back and forth.

While in Seattle, I learned that there are 117 Starbucks in just the city alone. There is literally a Starbucks on every corner-hence the name “Sleepless in Seattle” (great movie by the way). But there was only one Starbucks that I was interested in finding and that was the original Starbucks. It is no secret that I love coffee, it is pretty much how I start every morning in order to properly function throughout my day. So finding this Starbucks was a must. Well lone and behold, I found it and you wouldn’t believe where– right across the street from the market! I wanted to go in and grab a cup, but the line was ridiculous. It went all the way around the block and there way no way I was waiting in line for over an hour for coffee…especially when I can go around the corner and get one with no waiting at all. None the less, it was really cool to see.

Seattle concluded our cross-country family vacation. In ten days we had explored 4 cities, gone through 4 different time zones, and cruised on the Pacific and inside the Alaskan Passage. I had a blast exploring, but I was ready to get back home.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada was our third port of call on our cruise. The best way to describe Victoria would be to blend Wilmington, NC and New York City together. It’s a city completely reliant on tourism and the water. It’s sky’s are filled with skyscrapers packed with various shops and boutiques, harbor tours are abundant and you can even visit Victoria’s version on China Town! Victoria was my least favorite port that we visited, but it was still beautiful to explore.